Symphony of the Seas – A Dream Cruise in the Caribbean

Symphony of the Seas – A Dream Cruise in the Caribbean

In today’s world, people that seek adventure and some time off from their regular day to day schedule have many possibilities to choose from. The most common form people seek relaxation and a way to re-energize their mind is by traveling. Traveling has proven to provide many benefits to a person’s overall well being is helping people disconnect.

Going on a cruise is the best choice that people can make to have the best possible vacation. There is a large number of cruise ships to choose from, each of them being impressive in their own right. These colossal ships are also referred to as floating hotels, as some of the ships can accommodate an impressive number of people, like the Symphony of the Seas, which can accommodate approximately 6500 passengers.

Plenty of Activities to Enjoy

Symphony of the Seas is a fairly new cruise ship that had its maiden voyage on 7th April 2018 and started in Barcelona. It is known for having the biggest water slide on the sea known as the Ultimate Abyss, which is a pair of 2 slides with a drop of 100 feet. There is a large variety of dining options with 20 restaurants for people to choose from as well as a plethora of other activities to enjoy.

The one restaurant that stands out is Wonderland inspired by, you guessed it, Alice in Wonderland. The ambiance is truly unique and its weirdness is what makes it very appealing to passengers. Everything in the restaurant is made to peak people’s curiosities and impress them with imaginative design from the entrance to the rest of its décor.

Gaming Activities and Entertainment

Other activities such as gambling are also possible inside the Casino Royale, which is located on the 4th deck of the ship. Staying in the casino for a bit makes people forget the fact that they are on a cruise ship and the feeling is like any other land-based casino out there. The casino hosts many Vegas-styled vibes and is home to an impressive number of slot machines with charming designs that look like the ones taken from online casino games such as Stargames. Besides the slot machines, the casinos also home to many table games, which is quite impressive considering that is located on a cruise ship.

The ship is built in such a way that entertainment across the entire ship is distributed evenly. While the casino is not the main feature when it comes to a cruise, the Casino Royale located on the Symphony of the Seas will surely provide loads of entertainment for people that enjoy gambling.

The Symphony of the Seas has a theatre, known as the Royal Theatre, where many of the guests come to enjoy the evening experiences that it has to offer. Royal Carribean, the company that operates the Oasis-class cruise ship,,Symphony of the Seas, has produced many original shows for their other ships. Currently, a very popular one featured in the theatre is Flight: Dare to Dream, which is produced with the help of cutting edge 3D flight technology. The experience is taking the guests on a journey through time of air and space exploration.

On the back of the ship, there is the Aqua Theatre, where many amazing live acrobatic shows are being held for people to enjoy. The Oasis of the Seas was the first ship from Royal Caribbean to feature an Aqua Theatre followed by, Allure of the Seas, Harmony of the Seas and lastly, Symphony of the Seas.

An Experience Taken Out of a Dream

It is amazing how far technology has come to allow such colossal cruise ships to be built. The Symphony of the Seas features all of the commodities that a person could find in a  luxurious land-based hotel, featuring all of the different activities, restaurants and entertainment venues. The ship itself is an impressive sight to admire and the experience will surely leave a mark on people take part in one of the ship’s journeys.


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