The Safest And Most Peaceful Place To Live In Belize

The Safest And Most Peaceful Place To Live In Belize

best place to retire and live in belize

When it comes to popular overseas living destinations for North Americans, both Canadians and people coming from the United States tend to favor a safe, serene place that offers tropical paradise without draining their funds. This is where a place like Belize, the single solitary country within Central America known for having English as its official language, comes into the limelight.

While Belize is loaded with all sorts of natural wonders and majestic, eclectic cultures, some places are more serene than others. This is where the Cayo District’s Carmelita Gardens starts to come up in conversation.

Founded in 2010 as a self-sufficient village and surrounded by nearly 100 acres of untouched riverfront nature, Carmelita Gardens is all about chill vibes and happy times. This is a place that espouses organic gardens and is maintained through solar power, rainwater, and a variety of construction and development techniques that place sustainability as the leading priority.

Come as you are – Carmelita Gardens is a wholesome community of individualists with the motto “Independent Together”. Daily life is happily different for each resident. Independently everyone has their favorite thing to do and freely goes about doing it. Some go fishing every day, others do yoga, garden, take dance lessons, tend to their chickens, play games like darts, corn-hole, and cards, plant trees, fly kites, or relax on their porch and read. Together the residents gather for parties and regular potlucks at people’s houses or at the river and they organize weekly shopping trips to visit their favorite shops and shop owners. New residents are welcomed with open arms. The residents love to share their experiences and help their neighbors.

There is no need to stress about a communication barrier by fussing to learn Spanish, Kriol, or Mayan, you can just chill out and talk shop in the same tongue you used back home. You will meet like-minded people sharing a passion for harmonious living and whom are more than willing to show you around with a common tongue of English.

If you want a place to call your own, homeownership is also part of the simple life in Carmelita Gardens. The community is well established and has a solid track record for guiding new residents through lot selection, home design and building, and getting settled in. The overarching goal of the developer and residents is for new owners to relax and enjoy the process of becoming a part of this legacy community.

Carmelita Gardens may sound like one of those serene homes away from home that are too good to be true, but this is actually one of those cases where the sales pitch actually delivers in spades. Not only is Carmelita Gardens a safe and super-chill place to spend your golden years, but it also offers plenty of recreational activities, business opportunities, gorgeous views, and conviviality for the young and young at heart.

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