Top 8 Water Activities To Do in Belize

Top 8 Water Activities To Do in Belize

Glover's Reef Atoll

Located in the heart of America, Belize is bordered by the Caribbean sea with the world’s most scenic beaches, ecological diversity and crystal clear water. Surrounded by the beauty of rain-forests and mangroves, you never run out of activities here, be it diving or kayaking. No matter how old you are, Belize has something to offer for everyone.

If you’re in Belize and up for some adventure, make sure you give some of these activities a try:

1. Jet Skiing

Before you go jet skiing, its good to give some basic guidelines a read. Find online resources like, or you can take guided jet ski tours if you’re new to this. No better way to explore the unexplored Cayes of Belize than on a jet ski. Caribbean waters are one of the most scenic locations in the world to experience the thrill jet skiing has to offer.

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Taking along your own jet ski is a great idea, however, if you don’t own one, you can always rent one from the numerous rentals present onsite. You can even book a tour that offers pick up and drop off service as well.

2. Scuba Diving

Belize is home to a spectacular combination of white sandy sea floors, blue waters and the second largest barrier reef in the world as well. The great walls and pinnacles make it a treat for scuba divers of all skill levels alike. If you’re a regular diver, you will be amazed by the grandeur of the mighty Belize Blue Hole which has to be the prime attraction for scuba divers.

Caribbean waters in Belize offer you an astounding opportunity to witness migrating sharks that pass through Belize near Gladden Spit. Other picturesque scuba diving locations include The wreck of Miss Pamela, South Water Caye, Turneffe Atoll that are loaded with ideal spots for diving.

Other than the Blue Hole, Lighthouse Reef Atoll has grand deep walls with sponge and gardens as well as the variety of sea life never seen before. If you want to experience a more relaxing scuba dive with a magnificent view, then Caye Caulker is the place to be.

3. Fishing

The fact that Belize has to offer a wealth of highest quality sport fishing experience is rather surprising, considering its size and location. Since 5% of the total area of this country is covered in lagoons, you’ll be witnessing more lagoons here along the coast line than you possibly could anywhere else in the world.

The chain of freshwater rivers and estuaries are home and spawning ground to a diverse range of marine life species, including snook, snapper, jack and even tarpon, making this an incredible fishing location. The best part about fishing in Belize is that you’re never here at the wrong time, since the temperature doesn’t fluctuate past a certain range.

Since numerous flats Belize has soft bottoms, your fly fishing can be easily done by boat as well, however, if you want to wade through the waters and get a closer view of the marine life, Tarpon Caye and its surroundings offer an optimal casting position.

4. Kayaking

What we love about Belize is that sport lovers of all skill levels can enjoy to the max, be it jet skiing, kayaking, fishing or scuba diving. Although kayaking is available in a lot of places in Belize, with over 25 species of birds alone and the surroundings as resting area for dolphins, Turneffe Atoll has the most striking ecological diversity to offer to its explorers.

A guided tour led by experienced kayaking guide will take you to various locations surrounding the toll. Being home to more than 400 cayes, kayaking in Belize is a wonderful experience as you get to explore mangroves , uninhabited cayes as well as the magnificent coral gardens. No prior kayaking experience is required for these tours.

5. Sailing

Belize’s calm sailing conditions, cayes covered in palm trees and clear waters are an inviting feature to sailing enthusiasts around the world. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Barrier Reef has to be the top most attraction on the list.

You could sign up for catamaran tours, which are ideal for beginners and are fully guided. Or, you could go sailing on an overnight trip along the cayes. Usually these tours last 2-3 days but offer access to the most remote locations of the Caribbean waters.

If you’re in the mood to be adventurous, you could also go for a skippered or bare boat yacht experience. Although bare boat sailing isn’t allowed outside the reef due to safety concerns, you can enjoy the thrill and adrenaline rush by staying in its vicinity.

6. Boating

Mainly being a coastal area, stretching across 325 km of the Caribbean, the primary mode of transportation in Belize is via boats or water taxis and ferries, if we get more specific. You could either take logistic services from the lodges or resort you’re staying at, or consult local water taxi or ferry companies.

To experience a fast and thrilling boat ride, you could take the airboat that takes you through the mangroves situated along the cayes and waters of the mighty Caribbean. These boat tours offer you ample opportunity to photograph the scenic flora and fauna of Belize.

7. Snorkeling

Probably the most thrill seeking activity you could go for, when in Belize, is snorkeling. Being home to the world’s most diverse and scenic marine life, the Caribbean warm waters offer the best snorkeling experience. If you’re currently staying at a beach resort, chances are that they offer their own snorkeling tours and services which you could sign up for.

8. Paddle Boarding

If you’re all for that adrenaline rush, paddle board your way in Belize. Not only is it exceptionally easy to learn, once you get a hold on it, you are sure to have a great time.

Recently it has gained popularity since its a water activity that suits individuals of all ages, isn’t too high impact and you can enjoy the serenity of the sea without having to worry about keeping your balance or looking out for the waves.

Stand up paddle boards have buoyancy to stand on water and wave peaks as well for you to enjoy the feel sea waves have to offer, which make it a one of its kind experience.

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