US Researchers Look Into Climate Change And Mayan City Demise in Belize

US Researchers Look Into Climate Change And Mayan City Demise in Belize






2012 is the year which is fixes the end of the calendar developed by the Mayan civilization.

Much about this civilization is still a mystery, and scientists are particularly interested about what caused its decline.

One theory is that severe climate change caused their crops to fail, which caused the eventual collapse, and as a result, a team of scientists and students from several universities in the US took part in a research effort at the Vaca Plateau, which is situated in Central Belize. It is believed that the last survivors of the civilization took refuge here.

With collaboration from the Institute of Archaeology in Belize, the research team took trips to the Vaca Plateau to visit several of its caves in hopes of finding empirical data to support the climate change theory.

The team took samples of sediment from the stalagmites in the caves, which they believe can reveal the climate history of the area in much the same way as the rings in the trunk of a tree do.

There are no concrete results to from these sample testing as yet, but members of the research team believe that they will be able to put together a vivid picture of what the last years of the Mayan Civilization was like.


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