What Makes Ambergris Caye a Place Worth Moving To?

What Makes Ambergris Caye a Place Worth Moving To?

There might be popular places around the world that is worth spending a holiday with, but when it comes to getting close to nature and achieving great simplicity in life, then probably Ambergris Caye in Belize is the best place you should visit or much better – move to! Unlike any other places where typical beaches with different sand colors, amusement parks with thrilling rollercoaster rides, and shopping malls that offers great discounts can be found, in Ambergris Caye what you will see and feel is the joy of living in a very peaceful community. Many tourist-turned-Belize-citizens admitted that it’s not the food, the cost of living, or the accessibility to important amenities that have motivated them to invest in the real estate on Ambergris Caye and Belize. It’s the simplicity of life where you can watch the sunrise and sunset with your loved ones without worrying that your boss is calling you for another deadline.

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Life on Ambergris Caye – Living on Ambergris Caye gives you much meaning in life. The picturesque beach, the blue sky, cool sea breeze, healthy foods and comfort living are some of the luxurious things that people deserve, and the experience of having it on Ambergris Caye cannot be compared to any hotel accommodations in the city because all of it is free once you resided in Belize. All of the things that people will experience while living in Belize are all authentic. No sales pitch or product and service endorsements from celebrities will be needed just to promote a hotel because the island residents and frequent visitors of Ambergris Caye is enough proof that there is more in Belize that life can offer.

What you should visit in Belize – As you explore Belize, you don’t need to ride cars just to get to the places you want to visit. You can ride a golf cart, a bicycle or walk down the street as you pass by the swaying palm trees and enjoy the serene view of the sea, the flora and fauna as well as the jungle. If you like scuba diving, you can visit the famous Great Blue Hole which is 70km away from the mainland and Belize City. This small atoll has been a popular spot among the recreational scuba divers for its crystal clear water and several species of fishes that you don’t usually see. Another reason to live in Belize is its amazing Barrier Reef which you will never get tired of looking at and be amazed on many stories about English and Scottish Pirates who used to hide in these barrier reefs that folks in Belize will never get tired of telling them.

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A Future Living in Belize – Since Leonardo DiCaprio has unveiled the futuristic, eco-friendly plans on restoring Blackadore Caye back to its natural wildlife beauty, it is expected that the Belizean economy will rise and the life of people will be further improved with the employment that the eco-resort will provide. Most of the lands in Belize are still undistributed and underdeveloped so future investors will be able to construct new businesses based on the eco-tourism principles that the Belizean government is promoting and what Mr. DiCaprio have started. Aside from this, the globalization and transnational free trade agreements are some of the factors that make a real estate investment in Belize a good choice.

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