When British Honduras Became Belize

When British Honduras Became Belize

When British Honduras Became Belize 1971 – 1973 A Peace Corps Memoir

Title: When British Honduras Became Belize 1971 – 1973
Ted W. Cox
Biographies & Memoirs
Old World Deli Publications

If you plan to travel to, or through, Belize, become an expat there, or just want a small glimpse into a colonial place transitioning into nationhood, When British Honduras Became Belize 1971 – 1973 A Peace Corps Memoir is for you.

Ted Cox first saw Peace Corps service in Sierra Leone, where he acquired not only experience teaching and organizing physical education, but the pidgin of the region. That linguistic accomplishment served him in good stead as the Caribbean Creole of British Honduras (BH) had remarkable similarity.

Now, BH was gifted with a multitude of cultures and religions, all of whom bear some imprint from the British Empire’s shifting about of people. So Mr. Cox had his multicultural job ahead of him. He does not do this with a stand-offish brush, but details personalities, homes, and behaviors with a lucid and cleanly style. Also contributing to an easy read, the book is 456 pages, including body, line maps, index, and appendices, and therein are 288 pictures, often whole pages, commonly half or third pages, with but a line or so of caption. The pictures are black and white photos of events, places, and people. The people are usually named. Photos are clear, unstaged, and offer a nice glimpse into that place and time.

The book’s cover art is overlain envelopes and stamps, appropriate, because Cox’s correspondence with his mother constitutes a significant portion of its contents. Also herein, loving details of athletic achievements and testings.

Potential conflict with Guatemala, inland and wanting sea access, is an underlying fear note. The companionship, help, and athletic participation of British service personnel figured in amplification of the drive Cox demonstrated. He spent years establishing national sport and physical testing during his service in what became, before he departed, Belize.

The author mentions a girlfriend of a few months, and several occasions of consuming fine rum with friends. That is as steamy as it gets. Perfectly recommendable for young athletes to read; an inspiring look at good things the Peace Corps has done under challenging circumstances.

Book may be purchased at: http://oldworlddelipublications.com

Reviewed by David Lloyd Sutton

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