Why Spend Christmas and New Year’s anywhere but Belize?

Why Spend Christmas and New Year’s anywhere but Belize?

Christmas in Belize

If the end of the year triggers the lyrics from the iconic Christmas song made famous by Frank Sinatra—“Oh, the weather outside is frightening…let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”—but you’re not looking forward to that snow and ice one bit–we’d like to remind you that life is short and you should think seriously about taking yourself out of that dreary mess.

Where to go? Belize, of course. And specifically Ambergris Caye. This popular island getaway has been known to lift the dreariest mood in a matter of minutes, so see if it doesn’t make more sense to come here where the weather is always perfect. Need convincing? A variety of international travel authorities and rating websites including Travel + Leisure magazine have proclaimed Belize the best destination in Central America, so why would you want to spend Christmas and New Year’s anywhere else?

Establish your own tradition by devoting Christmas Day to doing what you love: scuba diving, deep-sea diving, fishing, touring ancient Mayan ruins and caves or just staring out at the tranquil turquoise waters of the sea from the best vantage point of all: A cozy hammock hung on a private veranda that’s big enough for two.

Where to find that veranda? At the SunBreeze Hotel on Ambergris Caye. This lush property is the ideal antidote to the bad weather back home, worrisome world news and stress because it’s been designed as a pleasure center for guests who badly need pampering! Take a virtual tour of the hotel’s website and you’ll fall in love with the palm trees, tropical vibe, pool, laid-back resort design and oh, that beachfront.

If you have no desire to leave your acommodation during your stay, you won’t feel deprived because the holidays are celebrated in style at the SunBreeze and elsewhere else in Belize. Ask staff about local holiday festivals and celebrations and they’ll be happy to help get you to the places you want to go. Indulge in multi-cultural Christmas surprises Caribbean style, which means you’ll be treated to a mash-up of traditions brought here by the British, the Spanish, Mestizos, Garifuna and myriad other cultural influences that add spice and color to every holiday.

Given this delicious mix of societies, you can expect your Christmas dinner to be a festival of diversity, too. Whether you dine at the hotel or the vast array of eateries throughout Ambergris Caye, you may encounter any or all of these tasty dishes: traditional ham and turkey, mashed potatoes, tamales, fish and lobster, garnache, panades, salbute, ceviche, rice and beans and too many other mouth-watering options to list here!

Make it an adventurous Christmas by diving the Blue Hole or exploring the Belize Barrier Reef. Make it a sacred holiday by attending traditional Spanish processions, fiestas and church services. Make it your holiday by sticking around until New Years. The snow isn’t going anywhere, so you owe it to yourself to stretch your year-end holiday into the longest and most spirit-refreshing party of the year.


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