You Have To Attend The Mind As Medicine Workshop in Belize

You Have To Attend The Mind As Medicine Workshop in Belize


Dr. Mark Pirtle ( Skillfully Aware) in collaboration with Michelle Ashanti Williams (Om Shanti Yoga and Reiki Center) presents: A workshop entitled “Mind as Medicine” – Stress related illnesses like insomnia, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, addictions, eating disorders and more are caused by the same unconscious mechanism: Attentional Fixation. This explains why mindfulness is a remedy for them all. Understanding the nature of mind, and how to influence it through meditation practice can provide more therapeutic benefits than any pill. This one-day workshop , limited to only 30 people, will teach participants about the mind, its connection with the body, and how meditation and mindfulness can be practiced and used as medicine. It is a blessing and an honour to have him in Belize to share his Skillfully Aware approach with us.


Keith Arnold,Executive Vice President of Operations, Elements Behavioral Health, on Dr. Mark Pirtle.

“People suffering from chronic stress-related problems now have a place to turn. Dr. Pirtle helps those he works with untie the hairball of these complex conditions with a truly mind-body approach. There’s no one else like him. He changes people’s lives with his knowledge, compassion, experience and gentle spirit.”

Jerry Lerner MD  Chief of Pain Medicine (Sierra Tuscon) speaks of the successful results Dr. Pirtle’s  Skillfully Aware technique has achieved at Sierra Tuscon.

A profound testimonial from Mark Morgan, Executive Producer for the Twilight movie series on Dr. Mark Pirtle’s SkillfullyAware techniques.

The Twilight Saga is about the dialectic between craving and restraint, or to use Dr. Pirtle’s words, attentional fixation and skillful awareness. The loss of self-control has become an endemic societal problem. I’m excited to work with Mark to create media that focus audiences’ attention on the detrimental influence of fixation and the healing potential of awareness.”

Mark Morgan: Producer of The Twilight Saga, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief and the Sea of Monsters, the Agent Cody Banks franchise, and more. Recipient of the Producer of Vision Award and MTV Movie Awards for Best Movie of the Year for Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

Steve Kerr: Five-time NBA World Champion and Phoenix Suns General Manager speaking on Dr. Mark Pirtle’s technique.

“In December of 1995, while playing for the Chicago Bulls, I injured my back. The pain radiated into my leg. Dr. Pirtle was able to provide me with a clear and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Soon after I saw him I was playing again. Later that year, with time running out, I took a pass from Michael Jordon and hit the shot that won the 1996 NBA Championship

What is SkillfullyAware?

Skillfully Aware is a fascinating blend of health science and meditation techniques. It goes far beyond positive thinking and positive affirmations. It is designed for anyone suffering from stress, or a stress-related problem or illness. Repeating patterns of thought and behavior cause all types of stress-related conditions. For this reason, transforming the condition requires some skill at analyzing the parts that makeup the pattern. That is why meditation is an integral part of any successful self-change practice.

Skillfully Aware programming is based on three guiding principles:

  • First, the more you know about your condition, the better you will be able to manage it and therefore improve your outcome.
  • Second, it is your mind that creates your world, therefore, in order to consciously change, you must begin to understand, and train your mind.
  • Third, healing does not just happen in your head, it happens in your heart and world too. By connecting with your heart you will connect in relationship with others, and your purpose. That’s when life truly gets better.

For these reasons, Skillfully Aware programming blends science with spirituality to form a far-reaching self-care system. More than 25 years of study and clinical practice have gone into the development of Skillfully Aware programming.

Those who do the work say that it is simple, yet trans formative. No matter what repetitious stress related pattern you may be experiencing, Skillfully Aware programming can help. If you’re not sick, but just sick and tired of repeating problems at home or at work, learning to become skillfully aware can help there too.

Being skillfully aware means that you’ve learned to influence where your attention goes, and what it fixates upon. That simple skill will transform how you react to stress, pain, emotions, and urges. Skillfully Aware programming therefore gives you the tools to transform your life.

Learning to meditate, and engaging in daily meditation will become the cornerstone of your practice. Participants need not be familiar with meditation to begin, and to quickly appreciate its benefits. And please don’t say: ‘I can’t meditate.’ This programming has taught thousands of people who said the same thing. You just have to want it. By learning and practicing some simple techniques, you can begin your healing now.

The healing you seek is inside you, not in another person or in a pill. When change or healing happens to you, it will be because you took responsibility for your life and your choices. Care for yourself, by choosing to work on yourself. Make that choice right now. There’s a whole new happier, healthier you waiting to arise.

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