10 Reasons to Retire in Belize Right Now!

10 Reasons to Retire in Belize Right Now!

Orchid Bay in Belize

If you’re conflicted about your retirement destination and have been bombarded with advice from friends, relatives and those who have already left home for more exotic ports of call, it’s time to seriously consider Belize over destinations like Mexico and Costa Rica where the bargain bubble has burst and your dollar doesn’t go far any more. Given the economic growth happening in Belize today, you can’t afford to wait if you’ve already reached retirement age. Here’s more incentive: you can take advantage of Belize retirement perks at age 45, where early retirement is more than just a wish.

1. It’s Ex-pat heaven. Retire in Belize to launch the second half of your life minus the job, stress and responsibilities. Americans and Canadians flock to communities like Orchid Bay , typical of real estate developments being grabbed up by retirees who know a terrific deal when they see one.

2. Everyone speaks English; it’s the official language of Belize, so you can chat away in shops, restaurants, municipal offices and everywhere you go in your native tongue. Use an English-speaking realtor and attorney when closing your home sale—oh, and Belize real estate contracts are written in English, too.

3. Real estate prices are projected to skyrocket. Rumors about low cost housing are getting international buzz, raising values slightly of late. But buyers shopping now will still get fabulous prices on condos, houses and apartments and you can get your title insurance from any U.S. carrier you choose. Once you buy, your property rights will equal those of Belize citizens and you’ll also be on the citizenship fast track.

4. You’ll stay on budget. If you’ve watched food, clothing, services and real estate costs escalate in the US and Canada and want to know what it’s like to have some disposable income left over after bills are paid, make Belize your new home. Even Internet and cable services are affordable in Belize!

5. Retirees have the same rights as Belizeans. All it takes is proof that your retirement income is at least $2,000 a month and you’re automatically enrolled in Belize’s Qualified Retirement Program (BQRP) offering perks like bank and tax incentives. Dare we repeat that retirees can be as young as 45 to receive these benefits?

6. Enjoy tax breaks. Belize has enacted some of the most compelling tax laws in the hemisphere. Bring the contents of your home to Belize tax-free so you get settled immediately. Forget the dreaded phrase “capital gains” because that tax doesn’t exist here and how would you like to live in a land with no inheritance taxes?

7. Start a business. If you’re still dreaming of that start-up, you can stop wishing and start doing because in Belize, you’ll avoid legal conflicts, taxes and bureaucratic machinations! Make a million bucks a year and you still won’t be taxed on your foreign-derived income.

8. Establish an intimate network. It can be hard to make new friends when relocating—especially if that move is far from home. But even if you’re shy, you’ll be welcomed as a new neighbor fast and invited to socialize, join clubs and take part in ex-pat activities. If anything, your dance card could get too crowded, too fast!

9. Join the trendy crowd. It’s no coincidence that 78 million U.S. retirees boasting 7 million in retirement funds have already moved to Belize, according to a Washington Post article. Why would so many savvy Americans make the move it wasn’t super advantageous?

10. Stay close to home. Daily flights from U.S. cities are so frequent, ex-pats can be back home in just hours to visit relatives, conduct business or return for celebrations! American, Delta and Southwest recently added new routes to meet demand, but frankly, you might want friends and relatives to come to you so you can convince them to follow in your (bare)footsteps.

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