An Extended Trip To Belize….Why Not?

An Extended Trip To Belize….Why Not?

I’m considering taking some time next year to live in Belize. Bear with me, and you might see why this is a master plan.

Why Belize?

I didn’t realise how beautiful Belize is. I think it must be because in the UK you just don’t hear people talking about going there- it doesn’t really seem to be on the radar. Some of the islands look amazing- a slower, more laid back way of life, and you’re living in a tropical paradise.

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I happened to stumble across it whilst browsing random travel blogs, and it looks absolutely amazing.

Perfect white beaches, snorkelling in the reef, and hammocks everywhere. Oh, and it turns out it’s actually pretty cheap to live there.

I had to investigate further.

How much will it cost?

Well, I’m just going to look for a basic one bedroom apartment, and I’ll be staying there at least a month- so we’re on monthly rates already, which are pretty much always significantly cheaper.

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Realistically, I’m looking at around £300-£400 a month in rent, with some bills included. That’s amazing- you’re in a tropical paradise and rent is significantly less than at home. I’m sold.

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