5 Tasty Fruits To Try When You Visit Belize In 2023

5 Tasty Fruits To Try In Belize In 2023

belize fruits

“Coco Plum,” “Craboo,” “Kinnep,” “Molly Apple,” these may sound like neighborhoods or little hideaways in Belize, but these are all actually various tropical fruits indigenous to Belize’s rich and fertile soil. Because Belize is home to so many different types of fruit, all of the delicious, the country’s produce is constantly brought up as one of the minor perks of staying there. Before you go thinking that Belize is full of fruits you’ve never heard of, the most common crops are all ones you have likely heard of: bananas, mangoes, melons, papayas, and pineapples. Here is an overview of five distinctly Belizean fruits you should try while visiting in 2023.


This seasonal fruit’s flesh is salmony-red in color and its tastes and texture have been compared to a custard. Mamey’s distinct flavor profile makes it a regular ingredient in the fruit smoothies served in Belize’s bars, restaurants, and eateries.


sour sop

Also known as “Soursop,” this heart-shaped fruit grows from an evergreen tree. While the skin is leathery and bitter, it has little spines that easily snap off once the crop ripens. This fruit is used in juices and even comes as a flavor of ice cream.

Star Fruit aka “Five Fingers”

star fruit

Cut this fruit across and you have the reason why most know this plant as “star fruit.” You have a five-pointed piece of yellow deliciousness with a thin gloss. There are different varieties of star fruit, some are sweet while others are tart. While this fruit is perfectly suited for salads, desserts, or even as a garnish, the fact that they do not need to be peeled means you can eat them whole, as-is.



There is no middle ground on attitudes about this fruit; people either love it or despise it. While this fruit is known to have a rather pungent aroma, most locals tend to love it and most ex-pats and visitors tend to be less thrilled. You can find this plant ripening from its trees between the months of July and September if you don’t manage to bump into one on the ground from when it fell off its tree.


Pitaya aka “Dragon Froot”

dragon fruit

This is one of the most exotic and nutritional fruits in the country. This fruit usually has a red pulp and red vines coming from the dragon fruit variety of cactus. If one were to compare this fruit’s taste to anything else, a white kiwi comes closest in both flavor and mouthfeel.

While most of Belize’s fruits and nuts are quite seasonal, it seems like you can always find some unique little thing to try every month. Just because a specific food is only available for a season or so, it does not mean you cannot enjoy seasonal foods outside of that specific window. Do not hesitate to ask a produce vendor, in English, what he recommends is best to try for the current day or season you visit.

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