Belize: The Hidden Paradise

Belize: The Hidden Paradise

A few years ago, while travelling through Central America, I stumbled upon a paradise on earth. Belize is not a well-known travel destination yet, however, it is waiting to be explored by beach lovers and adventure junkies. Have a look!

Belize – where is that??

Don’t worry, you’re not the only person who doesn’t know where Belize is. When my friend and I planned our trip to Central America we thought of travelling Mexico and Guatemala. But while reading travel guides of Central America, Belize was mentioned as a must see destination.

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I must confess, at that time I didn’t even know this country exists. Uuups, ok yes, we mentioned it at school at geography lessons and we even had to know the capital city of this country but hey this was 10 years ago!! (oh lord I’m old..). So we decided to end our Central America tour in Belize. And yes, it was definitely worth it!! White sand beaches, palm trees, reggae music, drinking cocktails, eating fish, dancing with locals, visiting jungle – a paradise!

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