Belizean band, Verge of Umbra, on the verge of something huge

Belizean band, Verge of Umbra, on the verge of something huge

Belizean band, Verge of Umbra, stands apart from its contemporaries not only in the country or in the region, but globally, as it successfully infuses elements of metal, rock, reggae and hip-hop producing a unique listening experience with a fresh perspective on wide ranging topics and issues. The band has gained a great deal of publicity and acclaim, especially after winning the 2017 Metal Battle held in Guatemala City this past march.

The band, made up of guitarist, Andre Pineda; drummer, Faith Madubuko; bassist, Lowell Gillet; reggae vocalist, Kernelle “Nello Player” Parks and rap vocalist, Jarmaine “Jeno Veli” Jenkins, has taken the scene by storm. Following the release of its album and numerous music videos, Verge of Umbra followed up on that success and carried that momentum with them to Guatemala for the Metal Battle.

Verge of Umbra faced off against top bands from countries including Costa Rica (Heresy), El Salvador (Dreamlore), Honduras (G.O.D), Guatemala (Kramer) and Panama (VoTraster). After a long hard-fought battle of the bands, Verge of Umbra emerged the clear victors and won an opportunity to represent Central America at Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany later this year in August.

Members of the band are excited for the opportunity to showcase their talents to an international audience during the festival to be held from August 3-5. Realizing that getting the entire band to the Wacken Open Air Festival independently would be quite a considerable financial undertaking, the band has opened a GoFundMe account seeking contributions to help make the dream a reality. Donations will go toward travel expenses, lodging and transporting the band’s equipment.

Verge of Umbra has only scratched the surface. The possibilities for such a unique band are many and by supporting the cause, it would enable the band an opportunity to embark on an important journey and give them an experience through which the band can grow and possibly even make valuable connections. A band like Verge of Umbra, which parallels and reflects Belize’s unique and diverse cultures, drawing from the very fabric of Belizean society for inspiration, should be given a chance to flourish and develop much like the vibrant country from which the band hails.

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