7 (Solid) Reasons to Buy a Second Home In Belize

7 Reasons to Buy a Second Home In Belize

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Thinking about buying a second home? You’re not alone. “Demand for second homes doubled in October over a year ago,” reports Barron’s magazine. What’s driving this trend? Lifestyle changes since the pandemic sent careerists home, creating virtual platforms for workers and companies discovering that productivity didn’t suffer just because staffers weren’t sitting in offices.

Once companies concluded that off-site workers had no problem keeping up with work demands from afar, leaving the U.S. became more commonplace, leading to this conclusion by many: If I can work from anywhere, why not buy that second home in a nation that costs less and offers great weather? There is no better place to buy that second home than in Belize and these seven reasons are just the tip of the iceberg.

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1. You’ll establish a residence that will be set up and ready to serve as your primary residence once you retire.

2. When you’re not living in your second home, you can rent it out and generate extra income from vacationers.

3. Forget pricey hotels, restaurants and other vacation expenses. You’ve already got digs with a fully-equipped kitchen at the ready by buying a second home in Belize.

4. With every passing day, the investment made in your second home builds equity and you may be eligible for tax breaks that you can’t get in the U.S.

5. A second home in Belize means that family and friends have a place to stay that gives them access to Belize’s adventures, cultural perks, and attractions year-round.

6. Getting back and forth between your Belize property and home community takes just a couple of hours if you fly in and out of major southern U.S. ports.

7. Owning a second home in Belize won’t cost a fortune. Whether you want to live on the water, near the town, or the house you dream of features sustainable technology, Belize is the destination offering exactly the lifestyle you seek.

Consider moving to Belize’s premier “green” community

retire in Belize and buy a home
At Carmelita Gardens located in the Cayo District, you can satisfy every reason on this list. Choose from waterfront or interior lots. Peruse homes in all styles and sizes. Find a second home that suits your budget, and if a sustainable lifestyle is your idea of perfection, this community can help you make good on personal promises to be kinder to the Earth.

Solar panels, rainwater systems and conservation features built into Carmelita Garden homes won’t set you back a fortune as they would if you added them to a U.S. home. Best of all, second homeowners are welcomed warmly into the community so it’s impossible not to make friends. Since English is Belize’s first language, you’ll fit right in.

Find out whether Carmelita Gardens is as great as it sounds by coming for a visit. We warn you that seeing is believing and once you take a tour of Carmelita Gardens you will be persuaded that this is the place you dreamed about when you first began searching for an idyllic second home.

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