This Is the Only Place You Have to Go This Summer

This Is the Only Place You Have to Go This Summer

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Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning your big vacation. Whether it’s herding all the family together, a romantic getaway or a solo adventure of a lifetime, southern Belize and the Placencia region is a great choice for a summer vacation.

Starting in early June, the lobster fishing season opens. Belizeans love to celebrate, and everyone heads to Placencia in June in order to attend one of the many popular Lobsterfest parties. Featuring all the lobster you can eat, other delicious goodies, drinks, games, and plenty of live music, Lobsterfest is a must-see summertime event.

If getting into the water is part of your summer vacation plans, Belize has a unique attraction that can’t be found anywhere else. Every year, schools of whale sharks visit the Belize Barrier Reef off the coast of Placencia, giving divers and snorkelers a rare chance to interact with the largest fish in the world’s oceans. As big as a school bus, whale sharks feed on tiny plankton, so they pose little danger to inquisitive divers and snorkelers.

Summer is also during the “off-season” in Belize, so savvy visitors can enjoy luxury lodgings and organized tours at steep discounts. When everybody’s packing into Disney World and other overpriced attractions, Belize is completely uncrowded, making it the perfect time to visit unique sites like ancient Maya pyramids that were built thousands of years ago, long before Europeans even dreamed of visiting these lands.

The weather in Belize during summer is made to order for vacations. With warm, sunny skies and balmy temperatures that are warm but not excessively hot, summer in Belize is the perfect chance to work on your tan, enjoy a swim in the Caribbean, or simply curl up in a hammock and enjoy a good book. Other popular activities include hiking, bird watching, zip lining, and cave tubing (floating down jungle rivers on an inner tube).

If you’re heading to Placencia and southern Belize this summer, be sure to book your rental vehicle from Barefoot Rentals and Services. A locally owned and operated company based right in southern Belize, Barefoot has a complete line of rugged SUVs, dirt bikes, and golf carts that make it easy to explore Placencia and Belize at your own pace.

Barefoot Rentals and Services also organizes tours to all of the top destinations in the country. This summer, choose Barefoot Rentals and Services!

Get a copy of The Ultimate Belize Bucket List! Written by Larry Waight, a local with more than twenty years of experience in the travel industry, the book is packed with tips, information, and recommendations about all of the best things to see and do in Belize.
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