Caracol Demolished

Caracol Demolished

Throughout the central part of of Central America sat these great cities built by one of the greatest American civilisations. These people dared taming the vindictive tropical forests within which they would create history. In a place such as this one, alliances were key to survival. Not only for the particular destinies of kings but more importantly, for an entire civilisation.

In the centre of the storm in this essay, is the Snake Kingdom in Mexico, Calakmul; the once great city of Naranjo, in Guatemala and the massive Caracol, in Belize.

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To recollect Simon Martin and Nicolai Grube, two elite epigraphers who have been reading all the writings on the walls of ancient Maya history, these “kingdoms fortunes were always shaped by its performance in war”.

In May and August of AD626, King K’uxaj of Naranjo suffered crushing defeats to the hands of Lord Kan II of Caracol. The most devastating defeat came in a third melee, which epigraphers called a “star wars” event which saw, not Caracol but Calakmul’s forces destroying Naranjo. It is to be noted that Caracol’s and Calakmuls relationship was more than political, it included blood lines.

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