Belize Caves - Everything You Need To Know About Caves

Belize Caves

famous attractions in belize
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5 Famous Attractions in Belize

Belize is probably not the number one location on your list of countries you must visit. It should be. Sitting just on the Central American east coast, Belize benefits from…

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WATCH NOW: Blue Creek Cave Adventure in Belize

The Maya name for the Blue Creek is “Hokeb Ha,” or “Where the water enters the earth”. Blue Creek is an extremely large cave that begins near the village of…

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Have you ever experienced Cave tubing & Zip Lining in Belize?

Have you ever experienced Cave tubing? If no, welcome to the world of cave tubing. The fascinating world of adventure sports in the kingdom of Belize. Your time starts now! The…

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Fun Cave Adventures to Do With Kids in Belize

The Cayo districtis honeycombed with limestone caves, used by the Maya for centuries. The Maya entered caves through underground rivers, and climbed up on dry ledges for ceremonies, sacrifices, burials,…

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Beautiful Belize Invites You To A Wild Animal Adventure

  Escape to the private and remote paradise, Belize! Located in the heart of Central America, and is bordered by Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west and south. …

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