Waterfalls in Belize - Everything You Need To Know

Belize Waterfalls

famous attractions in belize
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5 Famous Attractions in Belize

Belize is probably not the number one location on your list of countries you must visit. It should be. Sitting just on the Central American east coast, Belize benefits from…

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Big Rock Waterfalls – All You Need to Know Before You Go

Belize: Home to the Highest Waterfall in Central America When a waterfall is as famous as Belize’s Big Rock, the name doesn’t always stick. No matter what you call it,…

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A spotted history of Belize

Jaguars lurk near a luxurious forest retreat. Brilliant birds fill the sky above. But which species will Ben Ross add to his Life List? Photo / Thinkstock “Calvin Klein’s Obsession,”…

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