The 5 Most Incredible Private Islands in Belize

Private Islands in Belize Belize has hundreds of islands that dot its coastline and many of them are underrated spots that are great destinations for scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, fishing…

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Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins | Archaeology of Cahal Pech

Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins

Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins: So Close, You Can Walk Here! The contrast between yesterday and today is remarkable: One can literally stroll between lively, modern San Ignacio Town to an…

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spring break in belize

Big Rock Waterfalls – All You Need to Know Before You Go

Belize: Home to the Highest Waterfall in Central America When a waterfall is as famous as Belize’s Big Rock, the name doesn’t always stick. No matter what you call it,…

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What It’s Really Like To Dive The Great Blue Hole

Great Blue Hole Of Belize – Largest Sink Hole In The World There’s a gigantic navy blue hole that reaches down to the ocean floor, and it’s waiting for you…

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7 Beautiful Photos of South Water Caye in Belize

South Water Caye is a 15 acre gem in southern Belize that is a haven for scuba diving and snorkeling. The Belize Barrier Reef is only a short swim from…

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A Mayan marvel in Belize’s jungle

Photo by Nine Belize Eco Cultural Tours It’s not as famous as Mexico’s Chichen Itza. It’s not as tall as Guatemala’s Tikal. But here in western Belize, the Xunantunich Mayan…

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Watch Now: Diving with Sea Turtles in Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye Belize 2014 In this video, Steve Patrizio dives with the sea turtles in Ambergris Caye, Belize. Ambergris Caye is the largest  island in Belize and sit in its…

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Top 5 Lesser-Known Dive Sites in Belize

Tell any avid scuba diver you’re en route to Belize, and you’re bound to hear: “Oh, you’re doing the Great Blue Hole!” It’s often assumed that divers travel to Belize…

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WATCH NOW: Blue Creek Cave Adventure in Belize

The Maya name for the Blue Creek is “Hokeb Ha,” or “Where the water enters the earth”. Blue Creek is an extremely large cave that begins near the village of…

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5 Famous Attractions in Belize

Belize is probably not the number one location on your list of countries you must visit. It should be. Sitting just on the Central American east coast, Belize benefits from…

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Of Sailboats and Sharks: A Day with Raggamuffin Tours

Did you know that, located just off the coast of Belize, lies part of the second-largest reef system in the world after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia? Well, it’s…

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Top Ten Reasons to Love Belize for Scuba Diving

Photo credit: Publishing a Top 10 list is always risky, especially when it comes to listing the wealth of adventures a diver can have in a country like Belize….

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The Great Belize Blue Hole Is Top Surprising Wonder On Earth

The below video was aired on , an online website from India. See also: Travel to Belize like a Pro

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5 Mayan temple sites worth a visit in Belize

Archaeologists affirm that Belize was once the center of the Mayan civilization because of the country’s varied flora and fauna and abundance of marine life, which was favorable to the…

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Kayaking adventures are available in many parts of Belize, but Turneffe Atoll’s protected, shallow waters in particular lend themselves well to being explored by this method. Both novice and advanced…

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The Blue Hole – A Top Ranked Attraction in Belize

Plunge into this deep blue hole and you’ll discover imposing ancient stalactites (calcium deposits resembling icicles) and coral fringe. Declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996—along with six other areas…

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Space Image of Belize Barrier Reef

The Lighthouse Atoll in the Belize Barrier Reef is featured in this image acquired on 29 March 2011 by Japan’s ALOS satellite. In the upper-central part of the image, an underwater sinkhole…

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The Best Maya Ruins in Belize

With a sumptuous coastline, adventure sports galore, and rain forests teeming with animal and plant life, it’s no wonder Belize tops many must travel lists. But one of the most…

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Have you ever experienced Cave tubing & Zip Lining in Belize?

Have you ever experienced Cave tubing? If no, welcome to the world of cave tubing. The fascinating world of adventure sports in the kingdom of Belize. Your time starts now! The…

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Photo of the day: Goff’s Caye Belize

Goff’s Caye is a small island off the shore of Belize City, Belize and sits right on the edge of the Belize Barrier Reef with waters to the south and east being only 0.6 to 3 meters deep….

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Photo of the day: Skydiving The Great Blue Hole

The great blue hole is one of the top attractions in Belize Nestled in the Lighthouse Reef Atoll of Belize is the Great Blue Hole, a large submarine vertical cave…

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The Great Blue Hole of Belize

If you ever come by near the coast of Belize, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to visit the Great Blue Hole, one of the world’s most recognizable natural wonders. The…

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Fun Cave Adventures to Do With Kids in Belize

The Cayo districtis honeycombed with limestone caves, used by the Maya for centuries. The Maya entered caves through underground rivers, and climbed up on dry ledges for ceremonies, sacrifices, burials,…

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Travel: Gilligan’s Island in Belize

Sometimes it’s easier than you think to get away from the crowds. While most vacationers stick to the islands in Belize’s Ambergris or Central group, head a little further south…

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Vacation Guide to Belize Mayan Ruins & Archeology

Archaeologists working in Belize joke that just about anywhere you scoop up a trowel of dirt you are likely to discover evidence of ancient civilization! Wherever your vacation plans take…

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5 Active Adventures in Belize

Sure you can relax in a hammock with a cocktail in Belize, but why would you want to, with so many adventures to be found? Here are the top must-dos,…

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Belize: Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret

In many ways, the small country of Belize is much like Minnesota in the spring. I make this comparison not because of the weather (average highs are in the upper…

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Explore the Maya Jewels of Belize

Belize is believed to have been the heart of the famous Maya civilization during its peak. There are hundreds of archeological sites within the small Central American nation, most of…

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Mark Andre is Seeking a Sister Forest in Belize

February 12, 2013 Wilber Sabido, Director The Forest Department of Belize Forest Drive Belmopan City, Belize   Dear Mr. Sabido: The City of Arcata is interested in exploring the potential…

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The Magic of Vacationing in Belize

The sun sets over Lighthouse Reef from Western Beach on Half Moon Caye in Belize. Photograph by: Steve Adams View our video exclusive here. Our guide adjusts her headwrap and…

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Sail Belize’s Great Barrier Reef with Raggamuffin Tours

Raggamuffin Tours – Caye Caulker’s best tour operator company has put together an amazing adventure to access the more remote and inaccessible parts of Belize’s reef that showcases some of…

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Beautiful Belize Invites You To A Wild Animal Adventure

  Escape to the private and remote paradise, Belize! Located in the heart of Central America, and is bordered by Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west and south. …

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A spotted history of Belize

Jaguars lurk near a luxurious forest retreat. Brilliant birds fill the sky above. But which species will Ben Ross add to his Life List? Photo / Thinkstock “Calvin Klein’s Obsession,”…

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