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Caves Branch Botanical Gardens

Founded in 2008, the Caves Branch Botanical Gardens is the largest facility of its kind in Belize. The Botanical Gardens was founded in order to both help protect and conserve the biodiversity of Belize’s ecosystem as well as provide an educational experience for visitors and locals alike to learn more about the incredible beauty and variety of nature in Belize.

Since its founding, the Caves Branch Botanical Gardens has become an important reservoir of Belize’s fauna as well as a source for scientific study of indigenous plants in the country.

Why You Have to Do a Tour of the Caves Branch Botanical Gardens

The national flower of Belize is the black orchid, and the Caves Branch Botanical Gardens is home to more orchid species than anywhere else in the country. The Botanical Gardens is also home to an ever-increasing collection of other epiphytes and bromeliads (known as “air plants”).

The Caves Branch Botanical Gardens has also teamed up with the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Florida in order to provide an in-depth scientific study and cataloging of epiphyte plants in Belize. Information gathered from the  Botanical Gardens has proven highly useful towards successfully protecting the country’s rich natural heritage.

Where in Belize Are the Caves Branch Botanical Gardens Located?

The Caves Branch Botanical Gardens are located on the grounds of the Caves Branch Jungle Lodge. The Botanical Gardens are open to the public and are not restricted to guests of the Lodge.

When Is the Best Time to Visit the Caves Branch Botanical Gardens?

Due to Belize’s year-round balmy weather, the Caves Branch Botanical Gardens is an excellent place to visit 365 days a year. Both guided and self-guided tours are possible but must be booked ahead of time by emailing or calling (501) 610-3451.

The Best Way to Get to the Caves Branch Botanical Gardens

The Caves Branch Jungle Lodge and the Botanical Gardens can be reached by following the well-marked exit at Mile 41 1/2 on the Hummingbird Highway just east of Belmopan in central Belize.

The Best Way to Experience the Caves Branch Botanical Gardens

As an important educational facility, it is essential to approach the Caves Branch Botanical Gardens with an open and curious mind. Many of Belize’s flowering plants emit a strong perfume, so visitors should be prepared for an organic medley of scents such as coffee, cacao, pineapple, and papaya.

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