Classic Belizean Foods You Must Try When Visiting Belize!

Classic Belizean Foods You Must Try When Visiting Belize!

Classic Belizean Foods

Memo to Foodies: Find Culinary Heaven in Belize Cuisine

Seasoned travelers who admit to being wild about tasting and sampling culture-specific foods and beverages will need bigger bibs when they come to Belize. The nation is a melting pot of culinary styles that are so palate-pleasing, you couldn’t go hungry if you tried. Our list of traditional and contemporary dishes and drinks could go on forever, but these four are classics you must try when you visit.

1. Cassava bread

cassava bread belize

In Belize, “Cassava bread,” a tortilla look-alike, was made by Arawak Indians centuries before Europeans arrived in the Caribbean. Cassava bread is hard, flat and thin; much like a cracker. The primary ingredient, cassava flour, is made from a bitter root that’s dried and sifted to produce the flour. Cooked on a griddle, this bread is flipped like a pancake before being served with butter, jam, garlic butter and even chocolate spreads.

2. Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce

Marie Sharps Habanero Pepper Sauce Belize

Can you top your cassava bread with Maries Sharp’s Hot Sauce? Why not? This condiment is an international favorite thanks to Marie Sharp who began selling her jellies and sauces locally before marketing them abroad. Marie’s signature hot sauces are made from fresh Habanero peppers, vegetables and fruits grown on her farm. Her top seller? It’s called “Beware”! Trying as many of Marie’s hot sauces before leaving Belize is a goal often set by adventurous visitors. You may wish to join them.

3. Belize rum

belize rum

Forget all you’ve heard about Jamaican and Puerto Rican rums: Belize is home to some of the best rum makers on the planet and they invite you to sample their wares as often as you can during your in-country visit. Don’t expect the usual beverage made of grapes. In Belize wines made from unique ingredients like cashew nuts, soursop fruit, hibiscus, craboo fruit and ginger. Enjoy unusual tastes when you sample these drinks and don’t be surprised if these grape-free beverages revolutionize the way you think about wine.

4. Jams and jellies

belize jams and jellies

The number of cottage industries devoted to making jams and jellies in Belize is growing so fast, the Belize Agricultural Sector has to work hard to keep up as brands proliferate. From Marie Sharp’s jams and jellies to Margie’s Brands and Two Sisters, these businesses are just the tip of the iceberg as talented cooks turn Belize’s bounty of fruits and vegetables into condiments served at every meal.

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