Don’t Worry—Be Happy (and Healthy)—by Moving to Belize!

Don’t Worry—Be Happy (and Healthy)—by Moving to Belize!

Don’t Worry—Be Happy (and Healthy)—by Moving to Belize!

Are you seeking a happier, healthier life? If your pursuit of both haven’t yielded the result you long for, we have your three-word solution: move to Belize. Residents come from all over North America–particularly areas that don’t offer much in the way of sun, affordability and lifestyle options. Can you live a happier, healthier life in Belize? It’s going to be up to you to provide the happy part, but you would have to work hard not to enjoy a healthier standard of living in this Caribbean paradise, and these incentives prove it:

Sunlight is abundant.

Even during the rainy season, the sun pops in and out, spreading myriad benefits in its wake. Sun combats Seasonal Affective Disorder, mood changes that leave one feeling blue even when life is terrific. Sun helps the body absorb vitamin D, benefitting your bones and energy levels. Just imagine the sunshine you will spread by donating your hats, coats, gloves and boots to charitable organizations.

Activity is all around you.

Even if you’ve won awards for couch potato mastery, it’s virtually impossible to live in Belize and avoid daily activity. At Orchid Bay, you’ll feel right at home because this gated community is among the most popular settlements in Belize and it’s so huge and sprawling, so just strolling neighborhoods daily can tone your body. That said, residents quickly learn that the old saying, once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget how to peddle, is accurate. Walk, get into Yoga, play tennis, frequent a gym or swim whenever you like since everything is at your fingertips.

Improve your memory.

Scholarly journals regularly publish studies proving that living in warmer climates helps people retain their mental acuity and alertness, two concerns frequently cited by retirees when they worry about slowing down. Did you know that body temperature affects both memory and alertness? The warmer the climate, the sharper the mind, so if anyone asks why you’re moving to Belize, tell them it’s to keep your brain young and active.

Improve your physical health.

If you’ve spent your life wearing layers of clothing, the freedom of popping on shorts, a shirt and flip-flops is liberating and your body stays healthier because if it has to work 24/7 to maintain a steady temperature, it’s more vulnerable to illnesses. Fresh-picked produce helps you maintain your health, as will fresh-caught fish and delicious dairy products produced by local Mennonite farmers.

Enjoy close relationships.

Choose a close-knit village like Orchid Bay as your new home and you’ll never want for intellectual and creative stimulation and connections. Community gatherings, classes, workshops and activities are so diverse and varied, you may have to curb your enthusiasm as your heart and mind flirt with enrichment choices. As we stated earlier, Belize delivers the healthiest of lifestyles. If that doesn’t make you happy, nothing will!


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