Ex-pats Admit to Love Affairs—with Belize!

Ex-pats Admit to Love Affairs—with Belize!

Photo by Orchid Bay Belize
Photo by Orchid Bay Belize

The very best love affairs last a long time, which is why ex-pats agree that the longer they live in Belize, they happier they are with their decision to move here. Wish we had more room to list why Belize ex-pats love living here—but the following should tempt you to join them!

Ex-pats love the weather. How could they not? Temperatures are warmer from June to October, but since many ex-pats trade blizzards, snowshoes and parkas for tropical temperatures year-round, you won’t find many complainers living in Belize.

Ex-pats adjust quickly to living on Belize time because nobody’s in a rush here. Does it take long to learn to walk in the sandals of ex-pats who have mastered the art of slowing down and smelling the orchids? A little while, but you’ll be surrounded by people eager to help you adjust.

Ex-pats often discover that starting a business isn’t just a good idea but a great one. Under the Qualified Retired Person’s Program, many launch enterprises and structure them so they don’t have to play taxes on profits.

Ex-pats settle into their new lives fast because communities like Orchid Bay, the beautiful Belize gated development offering affordable homes and an idyllic lifestyle, are already in place. Members of Orchid Bay’s ex-pat community say moving to Belize felt just like moving to Florida, minus the huge costs associated with staying in the U.S.

Ex-pats say they are relieved that they neither have to learn a foreign language nor sort a fluctuating currency system, because everyone in Belize speaks English and the exchange rate is frozen at $2 BZD to $1 USD.

Ex-pats admit to taking the wonders of Belize for granted! They love swimming in the ocean, pools filled by waterfalls and rivers any time they like, and having so many cultural activities and heritage sites at their finger tips, they never get bored.

Ex-pats aren’t reticent to befriend land and sea creatures they once saw only in zoos and aquariums before moving to Belize. Many are inspired by a nation that so fiercely protects its fish, turtles, manatees, jaguars, monkeys and birds.

Ex-pats live better on less money than they did back home. Rental units average about 25-percent of comparable U.S. rents, ex-pats say they cut their utility bills by around 50-percent, and household help rarely costs more than $15 a day in Belize.

Ex-pats like the fact that they can live without a car. Getting around by golf cart, bicycle or on foot becomes a way of life, so many Orchid Bay ex-pats sell their cars before moving to Belize and kiss their car insurance agents goodbye, too.

Ex-pats love living in a land that’s serviced by so many airlines. Thanks to growing competition after Southwest began its Belize route, fare reductions are more frequent and since many U.S. cities are just a few hours away, ex-pats are always close to home.

Ex-pats who insist on healthy foods find themselves in produce heaven thanks to thriving farmer’s markets. Some had no idea that fresh-picked fruit and veggies tasted so delicious, and for those who make no apologies about preferring supermarkets, there is no shortage of them in areas like Orchid Bay.

Ex-pats who never swam say they finally learned how now that they’ve got the time—-which is also why so many also take up golf for the first time. Belize is the place ex-pats go to experience the lifestyle they crave after working so hard and for so long. There’s a place for you here, too.

This is a sponsored post by Orchid Bay, a gated, master-planned community located in Northern Belize.

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