Goff's Caye in Belize City - Everything You Need to Know Before You Go

Goff’s Caye: A Stunning Island off The Coast of Belize City

goffs caye belize

In Belize, all of the offshore islands are referred to as cayes (pronounced “keys”) and Goff’s Caye is definitely one of the more popular thanks to its close location to Belize City, gorgeous sandy beaches, and healthy marine system replete with a coral reef and a foraging area for sea turtles.

Why You Have To Visit Goff’s Caye

If your main port of call in the country is Belize City, then the island of Goff’s Caye is probably your easiest and best bet to get a taste of island life in the country. With beautiful beaches and the sparkling Caribbean Sea, Goff’s Caye is a picture postcard tropical destination. The waters offshore are home to beautiful coral reefs replete with a rich abundance of marine life, including enormous sea turtles.

Where In Belize Is It Located?

Belize City is separated from several nearby islands by a waterway called the English Channel. Goff’s Caye is located on the north side of the English Channel and measures just 1.2 acres.


When Is The Best Time To Visit 

Like the rest of Belize, the weather in Goff’s Caye is quite warm and mostly sunny all year-round. Be aware, however, that the green season usually runs from between May and November, with occasional squalls and storms throughout the rest of the year.

How To Get To Goff’s Caye

The only way to get to Goff’s Caye is by boat. There are no regular water taxi services to and from the island but many domestic charter and tour companies offer transportation to and from Goff’s Caye. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes between Belize City and Goff’s Caye.

Best Way To Experience Goff’s Caye

There is little of interest on the island itself aside from beautiful sandy beaches ideal for swimming or sun tanning. The most popular draw for this small island is the amazing snorkeling and diving opportunities available directly offshore. Snorkeling and diving gear is available from outfitters on Goff’s Caye but you can save a little money if you bring your own equipment with you. There are some limited foods and snack options on the island so if you don’t bring your own food, be prepared to subsist on sodas, water and barbecue sandwiches. Due to its close proximity to Belize City, a day trip to Goff’s Caye is a great way to experience island life and see the magnificent coral reefs of Belize.

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