Belize City Travel Guide | Things to see and do in Belize City

Belize City


Belize City

Belize City Travel Guide

The long-time former capital, and largest city in Belize, the municipality of Belize City is a major port located on the coast in the central part of the country. Situated on a peninsula, Belize City is the principal gateway to the country, with a modern international airport, a berth for cruise ships, and hundreds of modern hotels and plenty of conference facilities. While most long-stay vacationers soon head off to other points in Belize, there are plenty of attractions to see in and around Belize City.

Top Things to See & Do in Belize City

Some of the most popular attractions in Belize City include the historic Baron Bliss Lighthouse, the country’s Supreme Court, the beautiful St. John’s Cathedral, and the House of Culture. Another popular local attraction is the Museum of Belize. First built in 1857, the structure served as a prison until 2002, when it was transformed into a museum dedicated to showcasing the country’s heritage.

Visitors can enjoy an abundance of wildlife and pristine nature just a short drive from Belize City. Close by is the Crooked Tree wildlife sanctuary, as is the Belize Zoo, where visitors can marvel at both rescued animals and a rare collection of endangered native animals. In the river waters near Belize City, abundant opportunities abound to view playful manatees.

Also close to Belize is one of the country’s principal Mayan ruins, the former city of Altun Ha. There, visitors can explore the largest temple on the grounds, known today as “The Temple of the Masonry Altars”. This signature building is featured on the label of Belikin Beer, the popular Belizean brew favored by locals.

Food and Drink

Belize City is home to some of the most diverse culinary offerings in the entire country. Restaurants featuring Chinese, Lebanese, and local delicacies abound, and visitors can try Belizean specialties like fry jacks, meat pies, rice and beans and conch ceviche. One popular local non-alcoholic drink is the seaweed shake, made from a special blend of condensed milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, and seaweed. Optionally, you can add a shot of Belizean brandy or rum to your seaweed shake to spice things up. One very popular local cocktail is known as the Pantiripa (Panty Ripper), made from coconut, pineapple juice, grenadine, and local rum.

Belize City Hotels & Accommodations

Belize City is home to hundreds of hotels, including large prestigious chains like the Radisson and Princess. International seminars and conferences are also held in Belize City. For visitors seeking more intimate accommodations, properties like the Black Orchid Resort and Maruba Jungle Resort offer unique mud spa treatments and other tropical delights.

Belize City Weather

Belize City Weather

Belize City Location and Geographic Setting

Belize City is divided into two areas: Northside which is bounded by the Haulover Creek and ends in the east at the Fort George area, and the Southside which extends to the outskirts of the City and the Port area which also includes downtown Belize City. The City spreads out to Mile 6 on the Western Highway and Mile 5 on the Northern Way at the Haulover Bridge.

Getting to Belize City

Most international visitors fly to the Phillip Goldson International Airport (code: PGIA), located just a few miles outside of Belize City. At the airport, it is easy to hail a taxi, arrange for a shuttle, or rent a vehicle. Belize City is located in the heart of the Belize District, with plenty of public transportation options to get in and around the region.

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