Why Investing in Belize Will Change Your Life

Why Investing in Belize Will Change Your Life

retire in belize

retire in belize

Raise your hand if you’ve noticed that your parents were right: time moves at warp speed when retirement’s on the horizon. You’ve got choices. You can retire in place—or build a future that’s more exciting than anything you’ve imagined by retiring to Belize where every move you make is an investment of one sort or another. We’re biased. We’ve spent years watching retirees blossom after moving here. Can investing in Belize change your life? You bet your kayak it can.

Investing in Belize can change your life the moment you avail yourself of the nation’s Qualified Retired Persons program (QRP), an unprecedented bundle of financial perks available to anyone over the age of 45 who decides to make Belize their home. Prove a stable, reliable monthly income of at least $2000 or transfer the total amount ($24K) as a lump sum to Belize on or before April 1st, and you’ve met the basic requirement.

Investing in Belize can be life changing because, as one Belize writer artfully stated, taxes aren’t taxing when retiring here. Imagine life without sword of Damocles hanging over your head (the IRS) because as part of your QRP status, you can import even the priciest personal possessions (cars, boats and even aircraft) without having any of those assets subjected to duty or taxes.

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Investing in Belize can change your life as a result of dramatic cost of living drops that must be seen to be believed. Retirees quickly discover that when comparing rents, food, utilities and other necessities with amounts paid back home, savings can be extreme, yet nobody is forced to do without today’s conveniences, like solid, modern infrastructure, high-speed internet connections and cable TV.

Investing in Belize offers myriad perks if you want to keep working. Unlike neighboring nations where residents are taxed as steeply as they were back home, you can work, play and thrive here enjoying a tidy income (from inside or outside Belize) that’s exempt from taxes, so you can channel your inner entrepreneur without worrying that the government will take a huge bite of the apple.

Investing in Belize is particularly beneficial for retirees eager to find out how it feels to buy a home without killer taxes! Residential property is taxed at between 1- and 1.5-percent of its value (your read that right) and if you’re over 65, you get another 25-percent discount on property taxes. The Belize residential market remains vibrant and home values are healthy, yet prices are most affordable.

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Investing in Belize offers a new lifestyle that’s proven to revitalize and energize even those who thought their active days are in the past. The beauty, healthy climate, casual lifestyle, fresh food, social and activity options not only keep ex-pats healthy, but some claim this lifestyle is helping them to live longer.

Investing in Belize will leave you more disposable income to boost your financial portfolio. You won’t need seasonal wardrobes, air conditioning is regularly replaced by sea breezes and eating out won’t require you to sell your stocks and bonds. Besides, potluck dinners and get-togethers with neighbors will fill your social calendar but won’t empty your wallet.

Investing in Belize means buying your own home and putting down roots. Choose a gated community like Orchid Bay to make a home amid people with whom you have lots in common. Return home on occasion thanks to airline rate wars that make travel affordable. But ex-pats choosing Orchid Bay as their retirement base say it takes just a few days to realize that they’re ready to go back home—to their Belize home, that is!

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