Why You Should Retire in the Placencia Peninsula of Belize

Why You Should Retire in Placencia, Belize

retire in placencia belize

While Ambergris Caye used to be the go-to retirement spot for people looking to retire in Belize, so many people have heeded that advice that most have had to move on to other locations. While Ambergris Caye is rather crowded with expats due to its many amenities, The Placencia Peninsula in Southern Belize is just as good, if not better, a place to call a retirement home.

The Placencia Peninsula is a 16-mile-long strength of coastal land that multiple organizations have considered ideal for retirement and a top spot for visiting. Placencia is home to some of the best beaches you can find along the Caribbean. You can find resorts, restaurants and charming little settlements all within the destination and most of the real estate found within Placencia is a fraction of the cost to get a similar property within the over-developed Ambergris Caye.

While you cannot put a price on living in luxury and so close to the bounty of Belize’s natural beauty, the cost of property in a place featuring tropical climes, fluency in English and being only a few hours away from the States and Canada makes Placencia an ideal place to be. To be clear, living in Belize means never needing to acknowledge winter, or even fall, as seasons; highs tend to range between 79°F and 86°F, while the lows skim between 71°F and 79°F.

Placencia Living

Placencia is all about that laid-back lifestyle, whether this is because the people of Belize are an easy-going sort or because Placencia began as a fishing settlement is up for debate. Living in Placencia means you have easy access to turquoise-blue water for diving, fishing and boating; it also means that seafood lovers can get the catch-of-the-day ever day. The tropical clime means that you can also regularly have fresh fruit and vegetables.Placencia has a more thorough Caribbean vibe than you might notice in other parts of Belize. The food, the activities and even Placencia’s general aesthetic all have strong Caribbean aspects. The beaches are wide, sugar-white and usually devoid of crowds. While English is the official language of Belize, it is not uncommon to catch the sounds of conversations being had in Garifuna or Creole; two tongues unique to cultures living within Belize.

The Quest for Property

If even a bit of living in Placencia sounds appealing to you in the least, do not hesitate to consult with Boris Mannsfeld & Associates. Not only do they know their stuff when it comes to real estate in the area, being well acquainted with all regions of Belize and Placencia, but this vast amount of expertise and influence means that they have access to a great deal of variety in the sort of properties you can find or sale. Whether you are in the market for a beach home, oceanfront property or just something to rent, this award-winning realtor can meet your needs. Simply contact them through their website or even give their office in Belize a call via their free USA # at (303) 495-5536.


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