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6 romantic things to do for couples in Belize

Situated to the south of Mexico, Belize is less well-known than its much larger neighbor, yet this Central American nation is an increasingly popular holiday destination for romantically-inclined couples. Whether your relationship started on a date site and you are keen to take it to the next level, or you are planning a honeymoon, a combination of beautiful scenery and welcoming residents make for an ideal location. Here are six of the most memorable things to do here.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

A truly memorable experience would be to immerse yourself in Belize’s captivating wildlife. This is a globally recognized preserve for Jaguars, a rarely-seen wild cat. Your guides will have the best idea of where to come across these furtive creatures, and even if you have to trek for some distance, a sighting of one of these fabulous felines would make your holiday.


There are a variety of other animals to be discovered, including primate species such as black howlers or spider monkeys, as well as squirrels, tapirs, and deer. Since 60% of the country is forested, there is an extensive habitat for these creatures. As well as excitable monkeys, the air is alive with squawking parrots, with scarlet macaws providing lurid dashes of color against the canopy of trees.

Go river tubing

One particularly popular pastime is river tubing. This involves riding along waterways, resting on top of an inner tube. This makes for a particularly exciting way to soak up the spectacular scenery as it drifts by.

Mayan temples

Many of the native residents are descended from the area’s Mayan peoples, an advanced civilization once prevalent in this part of the Americas. There is extensive evidence of Mayan influence in Belize, with a range of spectacular temples located across the rolling countryside, dating from around 2600 BC to 1800 BC. One particularly romantic activity for couples would be to explore the vast edifices of these amazing buildings. These vast edifices rise out of the rolling grasslands in truly jaw-dropping fashion, leaving you in awe of exactly how long it took the Mayans to construct these magnificent structures from rocks, without any sophisticated construction equipment.

Kayaking in the Caribbean

An enjoyable watersport for romantic couples is to go kayaking. What better way to enjoy the tranquil scenery than paddling through the crystal-clear coastal waters, relishing the balmy Caribbean breezes? As you glide through the warm shallows you will be able to observe pristine coral reefs several feet below while keeping an eye out for the amazing sea turtles; or if you’re very lucky, West Indian Manatees.

Diving with whale sharks

Since Belize hosts the world’s second-largest barrier reef, it is a snorkellers’ dream come true. There are over 100 offshore islands, providing a perfect place to commence your underwater explorations. From April to June, when the moon is full, whale sharks come up to feed. Since over 30 species of exotic tropical fish lay their eggs in these waters, these leviathans are kept well fed. Why not book a night swim with one of the experienced guides? Whether you wish to snorkel or dive, the 10-meter long gentle giants pose no harm to humans. Swimming in the Caribbean with these wonderful creatures would surely be the highlight of your romantic break.



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