The Belize Education Excellence Society

The Belize Education Excellence Society

The Belize Education Excellence Society is a non-profit organization formed to pool resources within Belize and from abroad to achieve its objectives.

The Society aims to socialize young high academic performers in Belize to (1) become known to each other (2) to meet with each other regularly with structured team-building exercises that promote cooperation, collaboration, cohesion and coordination (3) to network with professionals and business people who are performing at a high level within their field of expertise (4) to discuss current issues and challenges facing themselves and Belize as a nation in a critically constructive way (5) to develop a culture of the kind that permits communication which allows for the reaching of uncompromising consensus regarding our challenges, their potential solutions and decisions regarding concrete actions to address them for the wholesome development of themselves and Belize as a proud, independent and robustly viable state (6) to open up more opportunities so that more Belizeans who perform academically at a high level (principally those in the upper quartile of academic achievement) can find avenues to reach their highest potential (7) to open avenues where those performing at the highest level can assist those performing at lower levels, regardless of their origin, circumstance or challenges.

Belize’s socio-economic challenges are directly linked to our cultural values, attitudes and behaviors. These influence our thought processes, our verbal and non-verbal communications and interactions and how we arrive (or fail to arrive) at consensus regarding definition of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  This process is what allows us to set good objectives and to decide on and prioritize specific actions aimed at reaching them.

The Society believes that this cultural development requires continuous reinforcement and refining, and that socializing the best minds of Belize in this way, and through concrete decisions and actions taken together, will become infectious across our entire society, for the benefit of all.

To find out more about Belize Education Excellence Society, you may contact Chairperson Richard Harrison, Vice chairperson Samiyyah Andrewin Miranda, Secretary Adelaide Sabido, Treasurer Jessica Habet , Legal Representative Agnes Segura-Gillett or USA Representative Karina Sabala Quiñonez

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