Why Ex-Pats Love Living in Belize

Why Ex-Pats Love Living in Belize

why expats are loving Belize
Great Blue Hole of Belize. Photo by Oceana

We’ve gathered opinions from new residents and those who have been around for many years to find out why they love it here and why so many of them say that the longer they live here, the more they understand the meaning of the word paradise. It’s not hard to fathom why ex-pats feel this way, but why speak for them when we can pass along their enthusiasm directly?

You can navigate this small nation effortlessly
Because Belize is such a diverse nation, pockets of ex-pat developments are springing up from east to west and north to south. Some people immigrate here because they want to be in close proximity to the sea and others are equally thrilled to make their new homes inland. Since Belize is only the size of Vermont, getting around takes no time at all, which is another reason Belize is so popular with new residents.

Your shopping style won’t change
If you adore healthy food, discover produce heaven by moving here. While not everyone in Belize is a farmer, the nation has more than its fair share of them, so fruits, veggies and other produce will make it to your dinner table faster than it did back home. On the other hand, if you never met a meal you couldn’t throw together after grocery shopping, you’ll find Sam’s Clubs, local supermarkets and big box stores as easily as you did at home.

You can live on a budget!
Do a happy dance here in Belize when you discover that even a modest budget gives you a lovely lifestyle. Every $271 dollars in rent money equals $1000 rent back home on average. Have your home regularly maintained without busting that budget; domestic help runs around $25 to $30 per day. Ex-pats say their utility bills are cut in half thanks to Belize’s low cost of living and who are we to doubt them? In sum: you can live large on very little money.

You can buy the home of your dreams
If moving abroad is transition enough to last a lifetime and you are eager to relocate to a community that’s already developed to such a high standard, it has even won ecology and sustainability kudos, Orchid Bay should top your shopping list when you peruse real estate. This safe, lush, gated community at the water’s edge offers a variety of home styles at affordable prices. Modern infrastructure is in place, as is a ready-made social community of ex-pats eager to welcome newcomers to the neighborhood.

You can get back home easily

You’ll want to return home to see the grands, old friends and maybe the old neighborhood on occasion, and thanks to the establishment of a long list of domestic airline routes flying in and out of Belize, there’s always a plane ready to get you to a wedding or a holiday visit with the people you love. Fly Southwest, American, Delta, United and local carriers north or south. Because so many airlines service Belize, airfares are dropping.

You can retire here for a song
Belize considers retirement age to be 45, not 65. Move here and enjoy hanging out with the most youthful gaggle of young retirees in the hemisphere. Prove that you have income of at least $2000 USD each month and qualify for a generous retirement package that includes tax-free status, coveted asset protection and there’s no tariff associated with bringing up to $15,000 worth of personal goods to your new homeland.

You’ll find Belize to be effortless
No other Caribbean nation boasts English as its first language, therefore, forget learning curves. Find another place to spend your wardrobe money because there is no such thing as winter and summer wardrobes. Belize is fast becoming a culinary epicenter; even gourmands rave about Belize eateries and since the currency exchange rate is fixed at $2BZD to $1USD, no calculators required. Further, you’ll never grow tired of learning about the cultures and peoples who call Belize home. Isn’t it time you joined them?

This is a sponsored post written by Belize Hub on behalf of Orchid Bay.


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