Why Moving to Belize Isn't as Hard as You'd Think

Why Moving to Belize Isn’t as Hard as You’d Think

Moving to Belize

Need Reasons to Move to Belize? Start With These 11!

Sometimes, the hardest part of relocating is making the decision. Once that’s done, a happy mix of inertia and excitement will propel you from “thinking about moving” to “we’d better start packing.” Moving to Belize is a particularly sane move because it has more going for it than surrounding nations, so you get all of the benefits of the Caribbean and none of the high prices. Need convincing? Start with our list and feel free to add more.

1. There are no language barriers because Belize’s English language roots are deep: After the British occupied the region, they left the English language as a legacy, but expect a bonus if you move here: you’ll run into people from all over the world who love this place as much as you do.

2. The government will make you feel right at home. Long before the U.S. ratified its constitution and emulated the British legal model, Belize began using British Common law as its legal system, too, so you’ll be trading one democracy for another–if not a bit more formal thanks to British courtroom customs.

3. You’ll be welcomed with open arms. Come for a visit, renew your tourist visa monthly and audition Belize as your new homeland or announce your intention to take advantage of the Qualified Retired Persons Program (QRP), an initiative with so many tax perks and benefits, there’s nothing like it in the Caribbean.

4. Leave your calculator back home. Belize’s fixed currency exchange rate is so easy, a third grader can figure it out. Every $1 USD equals $2 BZD. Many places are happy to take U.S. dollars and when you see how much further your money stretches in Belize, you may wonder why all of North America hasn’t moved here.

move to belize

5. You could make too many friends. Is there such a thing? Of course not. But between the growing community of ex-pats who have been escaping here for the weather, lifestyle and vibe, native-born Belizeans and retirees from other nations, you’re going to need a really big new address book after moving here.

6. The tax man lives elsewhere. Move to Belize and kiss inheritance taxes goodbye, property taxes remain in single digits and capital gains taxes are nonexistent. A Belize law (IBC) even permits ex-pats to transfer income and assets, yet dividends associated with such financial moves aren’t taxable, either.

7. Invest in Belize. As a young nation committed to growth, investment opportunities are everywhere. Real estate? Sure thing. Business venture? You bet. There are so many niches worth looking into, investing could become your new hobby. Set up a home office to manage everything with furnishings brought from home, because under the QRP, you can bring $15,000 worth of duty-free goods here. That includes your car.

8. Home remains hours away. It takes a little over two hours to fly from Belize to Houston. Reach Canada a few hours later. No matter where you come from, the top domestic airliners service Belize in a crowded field that keeps fares affordable, so come and go as you please. A second international airport is in the future for Ambergris Caye that promises to make commuting doubly easy.

9. It’s gorgeous here. Seriously. You would be hard pressed to mention anything that’s missing from this tropical paradise, home to jungles, rain forests, animal reserves, trees, flowers and plants that tend to grow bigger than other places because perpetual sun and occasional rains nurture this green wonderland.

10. Buying a beachfront home in a community like Orchid Bay may be the easiest and best reason of all to move here. Luxury belies affordability. Modern infrastructure, recreation and other amenities are so plentiful, it’s worth your while to visit to see this gated community. Start by perusing this website: orchidbaybelize.com.

11. Live longer thanks to less stress, fresh-picked foods, year-round warmth and myriad cultural and sporting activities that stimulate mind and body. Diversity—-in terms of people, sites and culture—- keep ex-pats’ brains humming like finely-tuned violins. Relocate here and you won’t be the first to call Belize the land of new beginnings!

Interested in taking up residence in Belize? Contact us so we can give you handy tips on how to make the process easier and more enjoyable.


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  • Tim Patterson Reply

    March 1, 2017 at 5:54 pm

    What type of industry is needed most in Belize? I see construction as basis for a job, but what about future things that an average Belizean would need but doesn’t have???

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