10 Belize Rainy Season Travel Perks | Best Time To Travel To Belize

10 Belize Rainy Season Travel Perks

Belize Rainy Season

For some tourists, the phrase “rainy season” is nothing more than an excuse to not visit a tourist destination, but those that do visit during the less popular months can often find themselves in situations to make their friends envious.

Here are ten good reasons why it’s worth visiting Belize during the rainy season that runs roughly from June through the middle of November.


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Rates on planes, hotels, and even tours tend to be cheaper in the rainy season. While the rainy season isn’t as bad as it might sound, it’s enough to chase off a good deal of tourists and keep rates low for everyone else. September and October are particularly great times for thrifty tourists to visit.


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Less crowds makes it easier to integrate yourself with the local culture. While you might have a little more trouble booking a tour, it’s much easier to have genuine experiences with locals when you aren’t just one among a throng of foreigners.


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Even during the rainy season, most rainfall hits late at night or early in the morning. That means it’s usually pretty easy to plan your day around the rain. Just don’t expect the rain to always cooperate with you.


June and July in particular experience relatively mild rain conditions, and the serious weather conditions that signify serious hurricanes and other storm systems aren’t usually apparent until August or September.


You get to meet unique wildlife, like the swarms of small frogs that come pouring out during the rainiest days of the season.


Belize Wet Season

The rainy months feature some delicious food you won’t find during the dry months in Belize. June stands out as a particular highlight due to the fact that lobsters are in season. Placencia’s Lobsterfest is just one of many seasonal festivities celebrating the delicious and popular crustacean.


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You can generally expect the same gorgeous conditions you’d find any other time of the year. The highs average the low- to mid-80’s (in Fahrenheit) all year long — and if anything, the frequent rainfall in the earlier months of the wet season help cool off temperatures and maintain a nice breeze. In terms of temperature, there really is no wrong time to visit.


San Pedro

Some of the most interesting Belizean holidays happen during the wet season, although you may have to be careful about arranging your holidays around the hurricane months. The Costa Maya Festival in early August is a particularly worthwhile holiday to experience firsthand. Taking place in the island town of San Pedro, the Costa Maya Festival draws in visitors from all over the world in search of some locally-influenced dancing, music, and food.



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You can strategically limit your exposure to the wet by picking where you visit. Rainfall can vary wildly depending on the part of the country that you visit. While areas in the south can get as much as 150 inches of rain during the wet season, more northern regions are significantly drier and often experience just a third of those rainfall levels.


There’s a window known as the “Little Dry”. This period of about a week or two in August experiences less rainfall than the rest of the season but is mostly ignored in terms of pricing and popularity for tourists. If you time your trip right, you can get all of the advantages of the dry season with none of the downsides.

The important thing to remember is that there’s no wrong time to visit Belize. While the most turbulent months of the wet season can sometimes draw tropical storms, even the seasonal shifts here aren’t too radical. No matter what time of the month it is, you owe it to yourself to check out what Belize has to offer.

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