7 Belize Jungle Experiences That No Wildlife Enthusiast Can Miss

7 Belize Jungle Experiences That No Wildlife Enthusiast Can Miss

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Belize Jungle Experiences

If you’re a true wildlife enthusiast, then we are sure you’re aware that the Belizean jungle wildlife is the experience of a lifetime. And what better place to travel in the world where you can lose yourself in conflicted, yet harmonious ecosystems, than Belize? It is a wonderland, thick rain forests, crystal clear waters, windy rivers, verdant mountains, and valleys give you an array of activities. So if you’re an outdoorsman, yearning for excitement, and want to be bombarded with a sensory overload, adrenaline rush, waste no more time. Just go to Belize, and it will surely satisfy all of your primal drives.

If you’ve never been to the Caribbean country that connects Mexico to Central America, it would be very difficult trying to put together an itinerary of outdoorsman activities, considering there are a litany of them to enjoy. Of course, no one can choose for you! However, there are certain excursions that are a must, considering their popularity by past bold explorers, but, forewarning, they’re not for the faint of heart.

Being the wildlife enthusiast that you are, you’ve got to participate in these seven adventures to get the broadest feel for Belize.

1. Fly like superman or maybe just zip line

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Soar through the deep jungles of Belize with exotic birds or fly from the treetops into a cave of translucent waters. You can decide, and the awesome thing about Belize is you can zip line almost anywhere.

2. Exploring the jungles on horseback

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Can you think of a better way to adventurously navigate the ancient Maya ruins hidden deep within the forests, than to do it on horseback? It certainly beats walking! If you’re a horse lover, you can experience everything from mind-boggling Maya pyramids to mesmerizing waterfalls.

3. A monkey river tour

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No, really, there’s such a thing, and there’s no monkeying around either! You can boat close to the monkeys and bond with the friendly creatures as they mischievously laugh at the fact that they’re probably more evolved than you. Just kidding! But you’ll have a blast thinking about it, sitting in a riverboat and floating through parts of the jungles that you can only see with the gentle primates.

4. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

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The 150 square mile sanctuary protects the eastern slopes of the country, where some of the great Maya cities were built thousands of years ago. The wildlife sanctuary is a definite must, for those who want to go back to their friends and brag about catching a glimpse of the stealth-like Belizean jaguar. But you better remember that those flesh-eating felines are out there lurking about!

5. Bird watchers’ paradise

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Amidst all of the natural wildlife in the Belizean jungles, there is no animal more diverse in species, than the birds that find homage in its robust foliage. Over 500 species of birds are waiting to be seen by the patient spotter, and there’s no short supply of magnificent rarities. Here are a few of the most stunning bird species to look for while visiting Belize:

Jabiru! Belize is a good place to see this big, impressive stork! Plus, if you are lucky enough, you have these eye-catching avians to sight:

Azure-crowned Hummingbird.
Gartered Trogon.
Lesson’s Motmot.
Amazon Kingfisher.
Rufous-tailed Jacamar.
Keel-billed Toucan.
White-fronted Parrot.

The best places you can traverse to get the most satisfaction if you’re a bird lover are: Aguacate lagoon, a must-not miss, because the lagoon is perfect for swimming. Shipstern Nature Reserve and La Milpa are two other places that house some of the most exotic birds in the world.

6. Swim in a waterfall

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If you’re trekking through one of the world’s most beautiful places, without being spontaneous, and having a little dip in a soothingly warm, crystalline waterfall, you’re crazy. You must relax!

Big Rock waterfalls are massive, and hearing the roar of the water crashing down the rocks will take your breath away. They’re easily accessible by a variety of tours and the pools of water resting below are ideal for swimming.

Maya King Falls is renowned throughout Belize, which is a prime place to mellow out and cool off with its fresh mountain water runoff.

7. Ancient Maya ruins

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Traveling and exploring any country means touching its heart to get the most authentic experience. The pulse of Belize comes through its ancient Maya cities.


Caracol, is the largest Maya city that’s been excavated to date and is ordained with magical temples that will blow your mind.

The city of Lamanai was built in the 16th century B.C., which is as ancient as you can get, a must-see, and El Pilar will show you the extraordinary Mayan ceremonial architecture.

Well, enough has been revealed about the unexplainable adventures found hidden within Belize. It is up to you now, to venture there and find out yourself!

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