Witness The End of the World...Marathon in Placencia Belize!

Witness The End of the World…Marathon in Placencia!

The End of the World Marathon began as a response to the rampant doomsday prophesying of the Maya calendar. For those who do not remember, the Maya calendar said that December 21st, 2012 was the point that the world would end. As Belize is a major center of Maya culture, a special marathon was established. The course of this foot race entails 26 miles of sandy terrain along the Placencia Peninsula.

Like many doomsday prophecies, the 2012 prophecy obviously, and thankfully, did not turn out to be a reality. Despite the prophecy of the end of the world, the marathon inspired by the said prophecy turned out to be a major success for all parties involved. While the name of the race is rather obvious, it turns out to be an homage to author Aldous Huxley; he quipped that British Honduras would be a fitting ending point for the world. British Honduras became Belize in June of 1973.

Since the first event was so well-received, the marathon has become a major event within southern Belize. Runners start the course bright and early at 5:30 in the morning, taking off from Placencia Village and passing through areas like Seine Bight and Maya Beach. A section of southern Riversdale signifies both the nearest reference point for the halfway point of the race and also the starting point for anyone only interested in running a 13-mile-long half marathon. Once the competitors make it to Riversdale, they then run all the way back along the same course, concluding the race back where they began, Placencia Village.

While the End of the World Marathon is open to anyone with an interest in running the course, the deadline to register for this event is October 16th. Everyone who registers and pays the registration fee by October 16th is guaranteed a commemorative t-shirt and a medal upon finishing the course. All of the money spent on registration for the End of the World Marathon is earmarked as scholarships for local children to pursue secondary education.

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