How to Get Away with a Cheap Getaway-Tips from an Expert

How to Get Away with a Cheap Getaway-Tips from an Expert

Vacation time!  When the weather starts warming up, our thoughts turn towards where are we going on vacation and relax.  Time is spent during an exceptionally tedious or challenging work daydreaming about the perfect, luxurious vacation.  

The next thought that brings us back to reality is how much is this going to cost?  You shouldn’t have to have a huge savings account to enjoy some well-deserved relaxation away from home.  

Here are a few tips that will help you plan that getaway without breaking the bank.

Getting There

One of the biggest money sucks is airfare.  A fast way to eliminate this expense is to plan to vacation somewhere within driving distance.  

Road trips can be super fun.   You can even plan a trip to a neighboring state, just driving around and discovering new places and spend the night wherever you like the best.   

If you want to maximize your vacation time, for instance, if you are heading to a destination like a beach or amusement park and must fly, there are ways to save money on airfare.

Choose your route carefully.  You may be able to save hundreds of dollars by booking a short layover.  When searching for a flight search proximity.  It’s possible to save by driving to a different airport.  The time of the year and day of the week also affects the pricing, which brings us to our next section.

When to Travel

when to travel

Traveling in the offseason is a great way to cut costs.  During peak times, flights become outrageous, and hotel fees increase.  If you can be flexible with your travel dates, you will see a significant decrease in your price tag.   

Also, take note of what day you check in and check out.  You may be able to do a weekday vacation and avoid the high costs of weekend stays.  Another vital cost-saving option is booking your flight at night. Booking flights when they are less likely to fill up is a great way to secure you a cheaper deal.

Reward Points and Deals

why you should travel

Before you book, make sure to check multiple sites to see what bundle and deal options they have.  Many websites, like Expedia, have last minute deals.  These are fun if you aren’t set on a specific destination.  Take an adventure and save some money.

They also have featured promotional spots that have the lowest price available.  Spend some time looking over these deals and make sure to put in your home city to get the best-tailored results.  Definitely check your reward points.

A lot of credit cards and some check cards offer reward points that you can use to book your hotel or airfare.  If you don’t have enough points to book the hotel or flight, you may be able to cash in points for a visa gift card that you could use towards the cost of even save and use for meals.


travel for cheap

When you are heading to a tourist destination, be prepared to spend a lot of money on mostly mediocre food.  An excellent way to save some money and immerse yourself in the culture is by eating where the locals eat.  

There might be some fantastic restaurants off the beaten path where you can secure some authentic food for a fraction of the cost that you would spend where you are staying.

Another option is to bundle your trip.  A lot of sites offer promotional food vouchers where you might even be able to have breakfast included every day of your stay.  Pay careful attention to the options when you are choosing your hotel, and if you are flexible, you can really maximize the benefits available to you.

 All Inclusive

If the beach is calling you, consider booking an all-inclusive vacation.  There are many very affordable options with the airfare already bundled in.  This is the perfect option when you are on a budget because you will not incur any hidden prices.  

All you can drink, all you can eat, and gratuities are already included.  Some resorts even offer activities like snorkeling, surfing, and more.


You can have an awesome vacation on a budget.  It might take a little extra research and time to put together, but it is worth it when you are soaking up the sun on a dream vacation.  Try some of these tips when you book your next holiday and even try to think of some more cost-cutting ways to save on your next getaway.


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