The Battle of the Drums; A Rare Garifuna Cultural-Extravaganza!

The Battle of the Drums; A Rare Garifuna Cultural-Extravaganza!

“The Battle of the Drums Competition” & “Food Fete”

Let the melodic beating of drums captivate your senses as new discoveries are unveiled. Indulge in the exquisite delicacies of the Garifuna people and relish in Belize’s diversity, at the 7th Annual “Battle of the Drums Competition” and 3rd Annual “Food Fete”, this November 16th and 17th, 2012, held in beautiful Punta Gorda Town. Fall deeper in-love with the Garifuna Heritage and enjoy the music, dancing, performances and exotic food, available to You!

The lineup of activities commemorating the “Garifuna Settlement Day,” for the month of November, features the “Garifuna Settlement Day“ (re-enactment of the first arrival of the Garinagu to the shores of Belize) on 19th November, 2012. Other highlighted events include: the “Battle of the Drums Competition & Show”, school competitions, a street festival, a children talent show, and the Ms. Yurumien Contest.


The Garinagu (people of Garifuna ethnicity) are originally from the island of St. Vincent and is a mixture of the Black Africans and Arawak Indians and Carib Indians. The local Belizean-Garifuna settled in Belize in the early eighteen hundreds on the 19th November, and since settlement, they remain a close and vibrant community. As a measure of cultural preservation and in recognition of the great contribution of this group, to the development of Belize, the “Garifuna Settlement Day” was established as a National celebration. With a steady growth in international and local participation, since its launch on 17th November, 2006, the Battle of the Drums continues to be successful each year. The competition gives Garinagu bands (consisting of no more than 6 participants) the opportunity to showcase traditional drumming and dancing from the different categories of Garifuna music, such as: Punta, Hungu, Paranda, Chumba and Wanaragua.


Enjoy this year’s Battle of the Drums activities starting on the 16th November, 2012, (8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.) at the “Battle of the Drums Food and Fete” at the Sporting Auditorium in Punta Gorda Town. Expect an array of Garifuna cuisines, including: Cassava Bread, Hudut, Tapou, and sample the fusion of traditional with contemporary dishes by top local chefs. Cultural performances by: Paul Nabor, Mario and the Umalali Group, Godfrey Sho and the Culture Dynamics, and Lascelle Martinez and the PG Vibes, will enthuse you!

On the 17th November, 2012, the Battle of the Drums Competition and Show commences at 7:30 p.m. Band performers includes groups from Belize City, Dangriga Town, Hopkins Village, Seine Bight Village, Punta Gorda Town, Barranco Village and international groups from, Livingston Guatemala and Baja Mara Honduras.

Traveling to Belize:

In diverse Belize, cultural practices exceed expectations as natural wonders compliment all moods, creating the perfect setting for every occasion. A wealth of exposure and aesthetic appeal awaits you at each corner of Belize, coupled with genuine conversations from friendly faces, adding depth to your authentic experience of Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret. Become one with Belize and see why we are listed as one of the top happiest destinations, on earth.



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