Top tips for traveling to a new country

Top tips for traveling to a new country

Are you counting down the sleeps to a trip abroad? If you are, you have every right to be excited but you also need to make sure you’re prepared for your travels. There’s nothing worse than leaving all your preparation to the last minute and hurriedly packing a few hours before your flight takes off.

Below is your ultimate guide on how to prepare for a trip abroad and make sure you have the best time you can.

Get your jabs

If you’re heading to a different continent or a vastly different climate then chances are you’ll need to get some inoculations before you travel. Yellow Fever, Malaria, Cholera, Tetanus and Hepatitis A are all risks in many tropical countries.

In fact Yellow Fever is often referred to as ‘break back syndrome’ because of the severe pain that accompanies it. Just one bite from a mosquito could infect you with Yellow Fever so make sure you’re prepared.

Your local GP should provide a travel clinic where you can discuss the inoculations you’ll need before you travel. Just make sure you arrange your appointment six weeks prior to travelling as some vaccines require multiple boosters.

Tell your bank that you will be travelling

If you intend on using your credit card whilst abroad, make sure you tell your bank before you jet off. Most popular banks allow you to enter travel details through online banking now so you can notify them within minutes.

If you don’t tell the bank and use your card abroad, they may end up freezing your account because of suspicious activity. Trying to get the bank to unfreeze your account from a foreign country will be stressful, expensive and time-consuming.

Check out the conversion rates

Every Bureau Du Change offers different rates on currency conversion, so make sure you shop around to get the best bang for your buck. Also make sure you do your research on the country’s currency situation.

In Argentina for example, the government regularly places an embargo on the sale of Argentinian Pesos abroad as they struggle with the volatility of their currency. Therefore the best currency to bring is US dollars as they are widely accepted in most hotels and shops.

Also listen out for ‘Cambio’ on the streets of Buenos Aires as there are local currency converters who will swap your dollars for pesos at a good rate.

Research the political situation

If you’re travelling off the beaten track the news from that country may not be reported at home, so you need to do some independent research. In late 2017 civil unrest broke out in Honduras and Nicaragua taking many travellers by surprise.

Yet none of this unrest was reported in the British media, so you have to take ownership of your own research and make sure you’re not travelling to a political tinderbox of a country.

Check out the weather

In the UK the seasons are pretty easy to keep track off, there’s winter and erm, autumn. In other countries the seasons can be quite volatile, and most hot destinations have pretty fierce rainy seasons.

If you manage to find a cheap deal to Mexico or Colombia, just check out what season it is before you book. You don’t want to be spending all of your holiday hidden away in the hotel running from the rain.

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